• NHD from above
  • NHD at the State House
  • NHD accepts an award from Citizens Bank

We have been active for over 60 years throughout the state and our local communities in many ways...

  • EDUCATION - One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of life is to pursue passions and interests. Education makes this pursuit possible. We value the impact education has on individual lives and the community as a whole. Educational Sponsorships

  • ENVIRONMENT - Today, many companies are "going green". As a wholesaler, we've been participating in recycling programs for over two decades as well as supporting other organizations with "green visions". Environmental Sponsorships

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Communities are built and strengthened through hard work, that's why we continue to contribute to organizations willing to put equity into creating programs that enhance the enjoyment and quality of life. Economic Development Sponsorships

  • HEALTH & WELL BEING - Many societies and associations contribute the continual breakthroughs against major disease and illness. We support a broad variety of them along with various organizations who support the well being of the youths in our communities. Health Sponsorships

  • MISCELLANEOUS Miscellaneous Sponsorships